With the company's well-organized structure, we operate more efficiently and accurately compared to other manufacturers. Our modern technological solutions are a guarantee of innovative design, which ensures quick development and return on investments.

Comfort 4m - Food trailers, Cooking kettle
Premium 6m - Food trailers
Premium 4m - Grilled chicken
Citroën HY - carpentry bodywork for the INKA brand
Premium 8m - Food trailers
Premium 8m - Food trailers
Comfort 5m - Food trailers
Premium 8m - Food trailers
Premium 6m - Food trailers
Premium 6m - Cocktail bar
Comfort 5m - ELECTRIC LOWERING SYSTEM, Amazing color combination, plexiglass sliding windows
Premium 5m - Cafe, electric lowering system
Premium 6m - Food trailers
Comfort 5,2 m - Gastronomy Fryer Mobile platform
Premium 4.5 m - Hydraulic suspension, Grill and fries
Premium 6m - Burger and fries
Premium 5m - Empty
Comfort 6m - Gastronomy
Premium 4m - Kebab
COMFORT 6,5m - Gastronomy
Comfort 6m - Gastronomy
Premium 6m - Burgers, chips, beer
Comfort 5m - Gastronomy
Premium 5m - Expo
Premium 4m - hydraulic - Ice cream
Premium 3,5m - Expo
Comfort 5m - Gastronomy
Premium 4m - with furniture
Comfort 5m - Ice Cream
Premium 6m - Ice Cream
Premium 6m - Burgers
Donut shop
Empty trailer
Trailer for fish dishes
Trailer with a sales hatch window
Creative Kitchen
Ice cream trailer
Belgian fries
Catering trailer with a grill
Bonanza 6m
Premium 4m – Lido Catering
Ice cream shop
Laugery's Bakery
Bonanza 6m
Premium 4m
Premium 5m – Green Jupiter
Premium 3m – Lody / Ice cream / Eis
Premium 5m – Czerwona / Red / Rot
Expo 5m – Targi / Fairs / Messe
Premium 3m – Biała / White / Weiß
Premium 5m – Bratwürst
Classic 4m – Lody / Ice cream / Eis
Premium 4m – Ritual
Przyczepa / Trailer / Anhänger – Katamaran A
Model Comfort – pokazowa
Premium 4m – Cochiese
Model Outdoor – Sheraton
Biuro mobilne – Mobile Office – Büro Anhänger 10M
Comfort 4m – Ku Szi
Comfort 4m – Pancakes
Comfort 4m
Comfort 5m – ARS Bavaria
Comfort 5m – Avalon48
Comfort 5m – Der Füchs
Comfort 5m – ED Jack’s Truck
Comfort 5m – Go’Grilla
Comfort 5m – Mr. Food Viöl
Comfort 5m – Saga
Comfort 6m – Am Stellwerk
Comfort 6m – Köln
Cup – Amidori
Expo 5m – Biała – White – Weiß
Foodtruck – Pølse Riders
Foodtruck TIR – LKW 8M
Model Comfort – Max Burger
Model Comfort C4 – pomarańczowy długość 5m
Model Outdoor – pokazowy
Model Premium – czerwony
Outdoor – Amidori
Model Premium – Papa Joe’s BBQ
Premium 3m – Malmon
Premium 4m – Amidori
Premium 4m – ARS Bavaria
Premium 4m – Caribbean Food
Premium 4m – Churros
Premium 4m – Circuit Catering
Premium 4m – Circuit Catering
Premium 4m – Doktor Vinyl
Premium 4m – Frau Knölle
Premium 4m – ReWine
Premium 4m – Willisch
Premium 4m
Premium 5m – Bützow
Premium 5m – Circuit Catering
Premium 5m – Deli
Premium 5m – Frankfurt
Premium 5m – Mühr Design
Premium 5m – Street Food Mania
Premium 5m
Premium 6m – Amidori 3 osie (3 axles)
Premium 6m – Amidori
Premium 6m – Bodychief
Premium 6m – Calli Schaschlik
Premium 6m – Evergreens
Premium 6m – Willisch
Comfort 4m - Shake
Model Comfort – Amore Mio
Model Comfort – lody
Model Comfort – kawa
Model Comfort – burgery
Model Comfort – piekarnia
Model Comfort – mięso, wędliny
Model Comfort – kawa
Model Comfort – ryby
Model Comfort – restauracja